Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation
Your first session will include an initial evaluation and treatment performed by Dr. Krieger.  She will review your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan with you.  

Treatment Sessions
Each treatment session will vary from 30 min to 60 min depending upon what is appropriate for each patient.  All treatment will be completed by Dr. Krieger and/or Marian; they will determine what is best in order for you to attain your goals.

Kinesio®  Tape 
Dr. Krieger is a Certified Kinesio®  Tape Practitioner (CKTP).  If you would like to receive this service, Dr. Krieger recommends a quick evaluation in order for her to apply the Kinesio® Tape appropriately for your need. However, any time following an evaluation, you may receive a taping as a service only.

Group exercise classes are available for groups up to 8. These classes are tailored towards each group's exercise goals/needs.  All classes are taught by Dr. Krieger  or Marian in order to reduce each individual's risk for injury.  

Back & Core class Mondays at 6:30PM and Wednesday at 5:15PM.  Adult Strength class Wednesdays at 6:30PM. Spots available! 
Call to join: 772-485-6100


Exercise Classes 
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