Dr. Krieger is a Back to Golf© trained therapist.  She will use her vast knowledge on biomechanics to complete a Six Step Evaluation of your Golf Swing.

Why Is The Golf Swing So Difficult?

There are four basic requirements for a more consistent golf swing:

Flexibility of the hips, spine, neck, mid back/ribs, & shoulders.  
An increase in range of motion will allow the golfer to position the club for maximum power without increased effort.

Strength of the shoulder, trunk/core, & hips. Hip muscles are your primary rotators and stabilizers during the golf swing.  Increased strength allows for increased striking force to the ball.

Balance-A golfer must be able to maintain his/her center of gravity over a changing base of support.

Coordination- The golfer must be able to coordinate the arms, trunk, and rotational hip movement in a high speed rotational motion.

Female athletes are 3-5x more likely to sustain a non-contact ACL injury. 70% of all ACL injuries in girls are non-contact (ACL tears due to compromised position the athlete puts her knee). Females tend to: run in a more upright position; cut standing more upright; over utilize the quadriceps; underutilize the hamstrings; decelerate in a more upright position with dominating quadriceps; have weaker hamstrings in the non-dominant leg.

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"Highly recommended! My daughter tore her ACL and went through physical therapy and was released to play. I was not feeling confident she was ready to get back out on the soccer field. Luckily I was referred to Dr. Kerri Krieger. After an evaluation she sadly told my daughter she had lots of work ahead of her if she didn't want to reinjure herself. Of course my daughter was devastated but after 6 weeks of physical therapy she was back on the soccer field. Two years later my daughter has committed to a University with a soccer scholarship. Not only did Dr. Kerri Krieger work with her one on one and implement soccer techniques into her physical therapy process she also became a very good friend. She truly is a great Dr with a special gift. We will forever be grateful to you!"
                 ------- Carrie Duffin